my fair lady - sights and sounds

My Fair Lady has opened in Sydney, which means Heather Brooks has taken up residence at the Opera House.

Week 11

It’s been such a relaxing week… our production is currently part of the Opera Australia winter season and as a result, we share the stage with three other productions and only do two shows a week. It’s wonderful to have some downtime between performances though there are still rehearsals and coachings to attend. But at least it gives us all a little time for life outside the theatre.

Speaking of which, a group of 10 cast members attended a Trivia Night fundraiser for Oz Showbiz Cares on Sunday. There were over 20 tables involved with people from Phantom of the Opera and Actors Equity participating, to name a few. It was performing arts trivia, so I figured we would do well… but with questions such as: “Name the songs on the 4th single album released by the Spice Girls,” I gradually came to embrace my ignorance and leave the deliberating of answers to my cast mates! (Incidentally, Matt Robinson, our own Freddy Eynsford-Hill, actually knew those songs on the Spice Girls single!)

In addition to the trivia, there were performances and little contests throughout the night which made the whole affair quite an entertaining epic. The highlight definitely came when the hosts asked a member of each table to step forward, for which we volunteered Adele Johnston (Mrs Pearce). The moment it was announced that these individuals were going to participate in a dance off, I think we all didn’t know what to expect. Bear in mind that I know Adele from singing along side her in Turandot, witnessing in utter awe her poised, formidable rendition of Princess Turandot which she was covered in Opera Australia’s production last year. Therefore imagine my astonishment when Adele absolutely TORE up the dance floor! I haven’t laughed so hard in ages… everything from Justin Timberlake break-dancing to ethereal ballet steps were pulled off with fearless abandon. She even out-danced a finalist from the television program So You Think You Can Dance!! It was a great night, one I won’t forget for a long time.

Needless to say, between our brilliant minds and remarkable moves on the dance floor, we won!!

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